Shonda Rhimes is the writer of award winning shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal, which is in its second season. A lot of people were and still are skeptical about Scandal because not only is it completely different from her other two shows but it is H-O-T and very controversial. I’ve never seen so much drama in the White House.

Olivia Pope, the main character, is a “clean-up” woman hired to clean up politicians and public figures reputations with the help of her team. This show is loosely based off of an actual story, meaning the affair with the president is fictional. For those who do not watch the show, the biggest controversial matter is the on again off again affair between Olivia Pope and the president Fitzgerald or ‘Fitz’.

Although the relationship has been pretty spicy for the first season and the beginning of the second season, in the past two episodes the heat has seemingly died down in their relationship. First, Fitz decides he wants to divorce his wife Mellie for Olivia until he finds out, after a near death experience, that his entire team including his wife and Olivia covered up the fact that his win as president was a complete conspiracy. Then he decides to stay with his wife and shut Olivia completely out. To be honest, I hate this back and forth between the two.

He knows that he is no longer in love with his deceiving wife and is completely in love with Olivia or at least infatuated with her. It’s all just really complicated because he can’t seem to make up his mind. Fitz even goes so far as to hook up with Olivia at an event even though they are technically not speaking and he tells her that ‘this’ will never happen again. I believe it is very ironic for him to shut her out; firstly, she was the one that would cut off their affair every chance she got, secondly, Olivia is the only one that really has his back.

Although Olivia is the main character, and is written by Rhimes as a strong woman, so is Mellie , Fitz’s wife. She’s strong in a more devious sense. All along she knows that Fitz is having an affair with Olivia, yet she sticks around because she is so hungry for the politician life style. When Fitz tells her he wants a divorce, she goes to the doctor and asks to be induced so she can have her baby early; sneaky but crafty. She really thought that this would be a way to keep him, and if that wasn’t good enough, she was going to out him about everything he had done to her and run for office herself. I don’t know many women that have the guts to actually do that.

Rhimes has outdone herself with this show , I can’t wait to see what is next. I’ve become so obsessed and I guarantee anyone who watches it will be too.I can’t spoil the entire plot for the audience who hasn’t seen the show, you just have to watch for yourself on Thursday nights at 9 p.m.