Garrison Hawley from TwitterGarrison Hawley, Texas Wesleyan University junior varsity basketball player and English major, was found dead in his car on the night of Feb. 25, according to Josh Lacy, director of sports information.

Lacy said Hawley had diabetes, and officials from the athletic department believe Hawley died of complications from his diabetes.

Steven Daniell, dean of the school of arts and letters, confirmed via email that Hawley died this past weekend.

Blake Bumbard, security manager, said security received a call from Hawley’s mother the morning of Feb. 25. Bumbard said Hawley’s mother had been unable to reach her son and asked if security could check on him.

After asking his roommate, professors and friends, Bumbard said that no one had seen Hawley. Security then notified the Fort Worth Police Department of a missing person.

Later, Security received notification from Hawley’s family and the Arlington Police Department that Hawley was found dead in Arlington. Bumbard said there are no indications of foul play at this time, and as of now, it is believed Hawley’s death was due to medical problems.

Bumbard said administration has been notified, and counseling is available in the Glick House for anyone who needs it.

Update 6:00 pm

Frederick G. Slabach sent an email the afternoon of Feb. 26 confirming the death of Hawley.

In his email Slabach said that Hawley had a passion for writing and music in addition sports. Slabach said Hawley was kind, and dreamed of attending law school in the future.

Carol Johnson-Gerendas, assistant professor of English, said Hawley was a joy to have in class. Johnson-Gerendas said Hawley was focused on his future, and had strong Christian values.

“He always had a smile, was very generous and supportive of other students. Just a real Wesleyan treasure that we’re greatly going to miss,” said Johnson-Gerendas.

Slabach said he sends his condolences to Hawley’s friends and family, and Wesleyan may have a memorial service for Hawley soon.

Update Feb. 27, 3:30 pm

Stacia Dunn Campbell, associate professor of rhetoric and composition, was Hawley’s adviser.

“I remember him as a humble, articulate, hardworking students with strong ties to his faith, his family, and his friends,” said Campbell.

Campbell said when Hawley took ASE during his first semester, he introduced himself as a “Christian man, and not afraid for the ladies to know it.”

Campbell said Hawley had a great sense of humor, which is one of the reasons his friends and classmates looked up to him.

“There is an armchair in the classroom that was his, and it will remain empty in our English 4346 class,” said Campbell.

Update Feb. 27, 4:56pm

The Texas Wesleyan Office of Communications has released information regarding Garrison Hawley’s funeral services. They are scheduled to take place Sat. March 2 at 11 a.m. Services will be held at Christian Bible Fellowship Church in Missouri City, Texas.

The communications office would also like to remind everyone that there is counseling available to anyone who needs help dealing with this tragic situation. The Glick House Community Counseling Center is located at 3001 Avenue D. Their phone number is 817-531-4859.

Update Feb. 28, 1:38pm

In a faculty senate meeting held today during free period, President Slabach announced that their will be a service held on campus for Garrison Hawley. It will take place at 6 p.m. Wed. March 6 in the Sanctuary of Polytechnic United Methodist Church (PUMC). Hawley’s parents and aunt will attend.

Coach Steven Trachier, athletic director, is set to speak at Hawley’s funeral service in Missouri City this weekend.

The Rambler will update this story as more details become available.

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The Texas Wesleyan community expressed its grief on social media about the loss of Garrison Hawley. Here is an expression of those sentiments compiled in Storify by Rambler Media Group staffer Ryan Ellison.

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