A recent power outage at Texas Wesleyan will not disturb the school year according to director.

Ken Dunson, director of facilities operations, said in an email that on Jan. 12, 2013, an electric fuse blew up from within the power poles near Collard St. and avenue C. This technicality triggered a second fuse to blow up in Wesleyan’s main power switch.

“ONCOR Electric blew a fuse on their power pole located at the intersection of Collard Street and Ave. C,” Dunson said. “This caused one of our fuses to blow in our main power switch causing a single phase situation”

Dunson said the electric outage affected several buildings on campus. After Standard Utilities did a walk-check of all the affected buildings, they determined the problem was caused by ONCOR.

“This outage affected Brown Lupton, the Library, the Administration building, Poly United Methodist Church, the School of business and the McFadden Science building,” Dunson said. “We called in Standard Utilities to help us with this situation. Standard went from building to building checking to make sure there was no problem on our side to cause the fuses to blow.”

Dunson said Standard Utilities rebuilt the fuse and restored the power. He said the power remained off in those buildings from Jan. 12-13.

Brandon Flowers, senior computer science major, said he was in the Sid W. Richardson Center [basketball gym] on Jan 26, 2013, watching the girls’ varsity basketball team play when the lights suddenly went out. Flowers said he wasn’t concerned at all because he was aware of the recent power outage that occurred on Jan. 12th.

“I was there watching the game when the lights went out,” Flowers said. “You can still see for the most part so I wasn’t concerned.”

Flowers said the power went out twice during the game. He said this could be an inconvenience for the student body if an outage occurs during class hours.

“My classes are heavily technology based, so it does propose in inconvenience because if we can’t access our material then we can’t really do class,” Flowers said.