Sigma Tau Delta is a group for the book obsessors, creative writers, literature enthusiasts, and poetry readers of Texas Wesleyan.

Sigma Tau Delta is the English Honors Society at four-year colleges and universities for students who are majoring or minoring in English. Sigma Tau Delta is a way for English students to come together and discuss literature or talk with students like them.

Jeffrey DeLotto, professor of English and adviser for Sigma Tau Delta, said “It was established in 1924 to confer distinction for high achievement in English in language, literature and writing.”

DeLotto said to become a candidate for membership, one must have completed at least two courses in English, language or literature beyond freshman composition, and must maintain at least a 3.0 average.

DeLotto said the advisers contact the registrar to run the names of English majors and minors, and anyone else who is interested in joining. DeLotto said once they find candidates who meet the criteria, they send the candidates an invitation to the induction ceremony which is held once per semester.

DeLotto said there is no need to ever rejoin Sigma Tau Delta, because the membership lasts for a lifetime.

Whitney Myers, assistant professor of English and adviser for Sigma Tau Delta, said Sigma Tau Delta is open to other majors and minors besides English as long as the student has met the qualifications.

Myers said there are many benefits to being in Sigma Tau Delta, such as being able to put an English Honors Society on a resume.

“I think here one of the benefits is that it’s a great way to get to know other English majors and minors,” Myers said.

Myers said in the past Sigma Tau Delta has sponsored book drives, essay contests, poetry readings, and raised money to send some members to compete at the national convention.

“One of the things I really think is important as an adviser, and that I think is really great about the organization, is that it is student lead completely,” Myers said.

Chris Pearson, senior English major and member of Sigma Tau Delta, said he enjoys being part of a group of people who are also passionate about English.

“Everybody’s close to the same thought process. Of course English is our major or minor, so the way we analyze things and the way we read things are pretty similar. So I have things in common with them,” Pearson said.

Pearson said being a part of Sigma Tau Delta will be helpful on his resume as he applies for graduate school or jobs in the future. Pearson said Sigma Tau Delta is an organization that gives people who do not have an identity something to be a part of.

“It’s really focused on getting our voice out there as English majors, people who appreciate literature and language,” said Pearson.