Texas Wesleyan University is a United Methodist university and should be seen as such.

No, not everyone on campus is United Methodist, but the university itself is. It seems like unless you are talking to a religion professor, Texas Wesleyan has lost its United Methodist roots.

On an even broader subject, obviously not everyone who attends Wesleyan is a Christian, but they are attending a Christian university.

Now, asking for something like required chapel would be outrageous and unfair because of the vast majority of international students with different beliefs.

But there should be a program specifically for  Methodist students because this is a Methodist university. This would be a great opportunity for Methodist students to come together and realize how connected the United Methodist Church really is.

Then people may find out one of their friends or classmates is Methodist, and they did not even know. Or someone may realize that they were at the same event as someone else years ago.

The history of the United Methodist Church, and therefore the university, should be known by students. Probably the majority of the students do not know that this school is named after John Wesley, or why we have the Wesleyan Flame.

Maybe during freshman success would be the ideal time to teach the history about the school, who Methodist are, why the university is named Texas Wesleyan, and who this John Wesley fellow is.

This would be a great way to educate the new students about the school without trying to persuade anyone to believe something or offending anyone.

The United Methodist Church Central Texas Conference decided at their Annual Conference that, in the future, the conference office will move to Texas Wesleyan University. This should help the campus come back to its roots, but the students have to follow in the direction of the university too, or nothing will change.

Additionally, moving back towards acting like a United Methodist university will put Wesleyan on the radar and will draw in more future United Methodist students.

Texas Wesleyan is a great school, but it needs to be a great Christian school.