I really enjoyed the two articles on “Crime by students …”  and “International Student increase is exciting …” in the Feb. 20 Rambler.

Regarding the crime article … as someone who has taught at Wesleyan for 35 years and been on campus all days and hours of the week,  I always get tired of the city’s perception that the Eastside and our campus are not safe, most especially for evening events at Wesleyan.

Security statistics show that for the number of students on our campus, we have very low crime incidents … and yes, tragically, it is often when a student does not consider their fellow campus residents and leaves the West Village entry gate blocked open, or does not lock their room doors that an internal crime can occur.

I also appreciate the article about trying to embrace our international students more on this campus.  In a recent conversation with President Slabach,  I said we basically admitted an entire freshman class for the this spring.  This was 220 international students and about five domestic freshmen students.  That class did not get the same opportunities that we offer our fall students in campus orientations and registration:  President’s Picnic,  organizational fair, etc. These are missed opportunities to mainstream with our domestic students.

These students really are not that different from our domestic students … they want an education and the opportunity for the socialization that comes with being at a college or university.

Our student organizations are missing a major opportunity to enhance and increase their size and presence and should look at ways to encourage these students to become more interested in the many diverse organizations we have on this campus.

Recently in one of my ASE Freshmen Success classes I was going around the room and asking the students for what would be ways they could be successful on campus, and one of them said “having more American friends.” Think about it!

Pro Joe – Joe Brown,

Dean of Freshmen, Professor of Theatre Arts and Communication