On Feb. 9, 2012, an incident was reported involving a sexual assault that took place in Elizabeth Hall, according to the campus crime log.

Blake Bumbard, security manager, said a sexual assault took place on campus and it is under investigation by the Fort Worth Police Department. He said the alleged suspect is not a student at Wesleyan.

“We did receive a report of an incident on campus; we reported that to Fort Worth Police Department,” Bombard said. “They’re currently investigating. Due to the nature of the crime, it’s still an ongoing investigation.”

Bumbard said security is currently working with housing to develop a safety procedure that will keep track of students and guests that enter the dorms.

“We are working with housing to make sure policies and procedures are being followed. As far as students bringing guests into the building, they have to be checked-in,” Bumbard said. “Security has increased their patrols inside the building versus just outside the building; they’re doing checks of the floor each night checking for any unregistered visitors or anything else going on in the dorms.”

Derrick Brewer, senior criminal justice major, said more drastic security measures should be taken.

“Security should step up their game, and I definitely believe this is one where they dropped the ball,” Brewer said. “I know there are limited in staff, but we need to take a real serious look into this situation because safety is the primary issue for young students.”

He also said he was surprised that such crime can be committed at a prestigious institution.

“It’s very disheartening to know and understand that something like that would happen at such high ranking, highly regarded institution such as Texas Wesleyan,” Brewer said.

Darlene Donaldson, senior criminal justice major, said students should be cautious and aware when they venture outdoors at night.

“Walking around Wesleyan at night is not safe, there isn’t enough light,” Donaldson said.” Students should walk together.”

To prevent or report any crime at Wesleyan, contact campus security at 817-531-4251 or 531-4911. Students can also contact FWPD at 817-871-7117.