Texas Wesleyan is the “smaller. smarter.” university of Fort Worth, and because we have such a small university, most of the students know each other by a first-name basis and support each other.

One of the biggest things that brings students to Wesleyan is the athletics program. I feel like Wesleyan should give students more options in coming to support sports.

Many students around campus are also athletes who participate in at least on of the sports Wesleyan has to offer. Wesleyan’s table tennis team has been National Champions for almost 10 years, and the men’s and women’s basketball teams have both competed in nationals.

The softball team went to nationals in Alabama in Spring 2012 season. Men’s soccer went to Florida in the Fall 2012 season and women’s soccer went all the way to the conference championship. Track and cross-country have won conference and went to nationals, as well.

It is easy to see Wesleyan is very successful in the Red River Athletic Conference, but we won’t be staying in that conference for long. The athletic department has chosen to move Wesleyan into the more competitive athletic conference, the Sooner Athletic Conference.

Because we are making this move together, I think Wesleyan should offer more options for students to come support their friends. The university could send a bus to take students to closer or somewhat local away games. Some students can’t afford the gas or may not have a car to take them to games.

Another option would be to continue to have live video for students to watch that is not so “flaky.”

When teams make it to nationals, I think it would be a great idea to offer a bus to take students to these big national games to support the university.

As a “retired” women’s basketball player for the university, I can say that loud fans and the support of the faculty, staff and student body can really help the momentum of a game and means a lot to the athletes.

Come on Wesleyan, let’s make an effort to get more support for the athletic programs!