Texas Wesleyan has had some athletes in all different sports continue their athletic passion once they leave the university. One of the many is Dejan Milosevic, a recent goalie, for the Wesleyan men’s soccer team.

The 2012 men’s soccer team had a winning season of eight wins, two loses, and one tie in the Red River Athletic Conference and ended up going to the national tournament in Florida.

Milosevic has recently signed with the Dallas Sidekicks, a professional indoor soccer team that has been around for 20 plus years. The Sidekicks were responsible for winning four league Championships in indoor soccer; 1987, 1993, 1998, and 2003.

During his college career as a Ram, Milosevic had 162 saves and was second-team All-Conference for the RRAC.

“I came to Wesleyan in 2011 after I played two years for a junior college, Arizona Western College,” Milosevic said. “I had two successful years there.”

Milosevic said he owes a big thanks to Kenny Dale, the head coach at Arizona Western, for bringing him to the U.S. to play soccer. Milosevic said Dale took a big risk to get him here. Milosevic is originally from Belgrade, Serbia.

“It was a big risk because he only saw me playing on video, but he had a feeling that I was really good and decided to bring me to the United States,” Milosevic said.

While finishing up his career at Arizona Western, Milosevic said he got offers from other schools but because of his age and not having enough credits to transfer, a lot of the deals fell through.

“Then Texas Wesleyan showed up and I knew nothing about the soccer program,” Milosevic said. “I decided to accept the offer that Coach Powell offered me.”

Coach Powell, head coach of the men’s soccer team at Wesleyan, said Milosevic was a part of his first recuiting class as the new coach.

“Milo was an excellent role model and team leader for us over the past 2 years.  He was apart of my first recruiting class that came in and completely turned the program around in 2 years,” Powell said. ” He helped turn a program around that came off of a 3-14 season to a 2 year record of 20-13-5 during his time here.”

Powell said Milosevic was a major part in leading the team to the National Tournament for the first time in the program’s history and even scored a goal in the pk-shoot out in the National Tournament. 

Milosevic’s professional career has begun as the Sidekicks as they are entering into the playoffs. Milosevic said he is thankful for Coach Powell and the opportunity he gave him.

“After everything, I can say I made the best decision of my life,” Milosevic said. “I had two great seasons at TWU, and met some awesome people who helped me a lot to adjust in Texas.”

T.J. Romaguera, senior criminal justice major and former teammate of Milosevic, said “Milo” is an outstanding goalkeeper.

“It was awesome to get the chance to play with him and be co-captains with him during our past season,” Romaguera said. “Playing for the Sidekicks is a great accomplishment and a building block for his career.”

Milosevic said he is very thankful for everything that has come his way, and especially the people he has met along the way.

“I want to thank my teammates and coaches who have pushed me and helped me to be where I am today,” Milosevic said. “I have to say my teammate Ivan Kovacevic and his family helped me a lot, and I know that I have friends for the rest of my life.”
Not only did Milosevic get the opportunity to play soccer at Wesleyan and continue it with the Sidekicks but he met the love of his life here too.

“I can say that I met the love of my life here. Her name is Elizabeth, (she also goes to TWU about to graduate),” Milosevic said. “She has been a huge support for me. Without her being next to me I don’t know if I would be here where I am at now.”

Milosevic also wanted to thank his family and his parents, Gradimir and Vera and his sister Danijela.

Romaguera said Milosevic has amazing talent and potential.

“I know with his talent, there will be even better things to come in his future,” Romaguera said.

Powell said Milosevic is one of those people that everyone likes to be around.  

” He has an outstanding personality and makes people around him better,” Powell said.  “I am a better person for having known him and look forward to continuing our relationship as friends rather than coach and player.”

Powell said he looks forward to Milosevic’s professional career.

“I am an avid supporter of the Dallas Sidekicks.  I have played with many of the guys on the team and even coached another player that is there,” Powell said. ” I will surely watch him play and look forward to seeing him be apart of their future success.”