The Texas Wesleyan softball team played Mar 16 against the Oklahoma City University Stars in Oklahoma City.

The Lady Rams played two games against the Lady Stars, but lost both games with the same score; 8-0. The OCU Lady Stars are continuing in their 16 game winning streak.

In the first game, the Lady Rams were able to make some hits but were unable to make any runs from them. The Lady Stars gained an early lead in the first inning earning three runs and earned one more in the third, and two more runs in the fourth and sixth innings. The Lady Rams were unable to get a run on the board and lost the first game 0-8.

The second game, the Lady Rams tried to battle back from the previous game but just couldn’t seem to get ahead. Although Kendall Kizer, sophomore second basemen, and Emily Burch, senior third basemen were able to get hits, none turned into runs on the scoreboard.

Raven Moreno, senior utility player, stated things could have been better.

“We did not score one run but hopefully it goes better in conference,” Moreno said.

Conference play will pick back up starting Mar. 22 at 7 p.m. at Sycamore Park in Fort Worth.