Time-OutThe regular basketball season has come to an en,d and teams and universities around the United States are preparing for playoffs and championship games. This is my favorite time of the year because the intense March Madness starts to come into full effect.

For those who aren’t familiar with March Madness, it is basically all the best teams at the college level competing against each other to win the ultimate goal of becoming the Nationals Champions. It is the winners of individual conferences throughout the U.S. who compete with each other so it is the best basketball to watch.

Brackets are printed and contests are held all over the Internet and in sports bars to see if anyone will fill out the perfect bracket. Statistics from pregame.com suggest the odds of you filling out a perfect bracket are one of out every billion would be right. What is crazy about this is millions of people around the country, and the world even, put in money and place bets to see if their bracket would be the “lucky one.”

Although Texas Wesleyan cannot participate in March Madness because it is not a part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, TWU basketball teams did play in their own play-off tournament for the Red River Athletic Conference Championship. Both the men and women’s teams advanced to the semi-finals but got knocked out in the second round. As their season came to an end, that doesn’t mean they can’t participate in basketball anymore. Now that March Madness has begun, everyone can get involved, make their own brackets, throw watch parties, and just enjoy each other and the sport of basketball.