gangster carOne big title that attracts a big crowd at University College Day is “Nuts, Sluts, and Perverts.”

Part Five will cover the public enemy era with costumes for the first time thanks to a criminal justice major who funded $250. Each presenter will be dressed up to relate to the time period said, Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice, Dr. Greg Gullion.

“The students are excited to do it,” Gullion said. “I teach the international gangster class in the spring and domestic gangster class in the fall. That all stems from research I’ve done over the years.”

The title for UCD’s presentation “Nuts, Sluts, and Perverts” came up from a brainstorm five years ago between Dr. Gullion and Dr. Carol Johnson-Gerendas, Assistant Professor of Communication
Program Coordinator of Liberal Studies, after going over what the title would be. They chose to stick with title because they knew it would attract people.

“It’s kind of our market advertising to bring people in,” Gullion said. “I think it’s worked pretty well over the years. We had a pretty decent turn out last year and the year before that.”

According to Nick Maryol, junior criminal justice major, there is much preparation and research for the presentations with biweekly meetings to keep each other informed about new ideas or changes. Each presenter does their research on their own time and meet in collaboration. It is an ongoing project from last fall semester.

“The meeting before the actual presentation we rehearse,” Maryol said. “Then before the presentation itself, about half an hour before, we all rehearse to together.”

Brenton Flowers, Texas Wesleyan alumni with a  bachelors of science in criminal justice, said the Spring 2012 UCD presentation on “Underworld of the Jamaican Posse” was published in “Voices in Sociology: An Introduction to the Core Concepts” in 2012.  The presentation was published in the Deviance unit in the textbook.

“When you look at the title ‘Nuts, Sluts and Pervert’ all of the content areas are being covered,” Gullion said. “The subtitle is actually what we’re doing and that is on the public enemy era. There’s always the nuts, there’s always the sluts, and there’s always the perverts in each one of these presentations. We make it a point to weave that into it.”

Flowers encourages faculty and students to attend the presentation due to the past success in previous years.

“Go to it. You won’t be disappointed,” Flowers said. “It’s going to be really interesting this semester.”