After a frustratingly long wait, Scandal returned with a new episode. Three weeks in waiting Scandal’s new episode was unfortunately disappointing. 

This episode was mainly centered around one of President Fitzgerald’s (Fitz) advisers, Murray Randall and the woman he had an affair with  more than 15 years ago. Randall was a professor at the time and had an affair with his student who was also married ; this incident questions her law degree and Randall’s integrity. The affair had been kept quiet for all of those years until now.

As usual, Olivia Pope acts as the “clean up” woman and takes on Randall’s ex-mistress as a client. Olivia tries to get to the bottom of the alleged rumor and convinces the woman to confess to the press, which she does. This in turn reflects the President’s judgment because Randall is working in the White House.

All the while, Olivia finds out that there is more to the story. The client first claimed the affair only happened once but the relationship continued off and on for two years. The client’s husband realizes that this continuous affair questions the paternity of their 13-year-old child.

Olivia has to dig deep to try and save their marriage. In the meantime her relationship with the president has fizzled down almost completely. In this episode the two only share a quick conversation about her helping cover up the stuffing of the ballots (winning him his presidency); you can still tell that the two have some tension and still have feelings for each other.

Ironically, Millie (Fitz’s wife) confides in Fitz’s closest adviser Cyrus. Millie thinks he’s having an affair with Olivia again, because he has made a lot of personal calls in his office. She finds out later on in the episode that he is not cheating on her, but she says to Cyrus that he is cheating on him as an adviser by talking to an outside source.

This outside source is a spy that Fitz hired to keep tabs on Olivia, which is starting to seem really creepy because the spy is obsessed with Olivia secretively (cameras in her apartment that he uses to watch her on his own personal screens). What Fitz doesn’t know is that the spy is kind of dating Olivia, and that’s where the drama picks u,p well at least hopefully next week.

I didn’t care for this episode mainly because I was hoping to see more of the drama between the love triangle of Fitz, Olivia and Millie, but instead learned about an irrelevant affair between an adviser and his mistress. It wasn’t as “juicy” in this episode, unlike past episodes.

I think Rhimes, the writer of the series, is a pretty busy woman but I just want to see more. I guess that could be asking a lot of someone who is writing scenes for two series and running a production company. I will still tune in for next week’s episode. If you haven’t been watching you should catch up.