Time-OutIn the past article I wrote about March Madness, I discussed the bracket play and how many people participate in the bracket competitions. Since then, March Madness is in full effect and millions are tuned in to continue to see games and results.

I think this March Madness has been insane, changing and upsetting everyone’s brackets. This tournament has been full of upsets and surprises and it has just begun. Kansas State losing to La Salle by two was a surprise. Florida Gulf Coast University was ranked No. 15, and they played against No. 7 ranked San Diego State University. Many had SDSU to win but FGCU fought hard to win the game by 10 points.

One of the biggest upsets so far in bracket play however has been the Gonzaga v. Wichita State game. Gonzaga was predicted to win by millions, and shockingly Wichita State took the win by six points. This game alone diminished thousands, maybe even millions of people’s brackets. The thing people and athletes can learn from this game is never underestimate your opponent.

I remember when I played on the women’s basketball team for Texas Wesleyan last year and we played in Hobbs, New Mexico against the University of the Southwest. They were ranked last in their conference, while we were in the top three at the time.

We completely went into that game with the wrong mindset and ended up losing the game and that put us in a bad position for the conference tournament.

In every sport there are upsets, there are what seems like impossible wins. It’s not luck, it is hard work and the will to win. As athletes, you have to know if the team has the determination, it can always be a close game; in any sport, in any league.