God, church, judgment, restraints and hypocrisy are almost always associated with or thought of when it comes to religion.

People believe religion is sanctioned as an organized belief system that criticizes the non-believers, defines the sinners, and refuses to accept the “heathens” (what most people know as non-believers). This assumption is not a fact and is no where near true. People like to clump all religious organizations into one, simplistically categorizing all religion as one.


Truth is, all religions consist of different beliefs/morals and are divided by those beliefs. Although there are many religions which are glorified around the world, statistics show Christianity is the most popular religion in the U.S. Christianity in U.S involves more than 78.4 percent of all adults.

Believe it or not, a lot of people do not know how Christianity is subdivided. The religion includes: Protestant, then the historical churches (Baptist, Methodist etc.), Catholic, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, Orthodox (Greek, Russian etc.). Other religions that are recognized include Jewish, Buddhism, Muslim etc.

Considering Christianity involves such a large amount of the U.S., this religion is criticized ever so often. Many non-believers and other skeptics seem to believe people who are Christian,s or who are under the sub-religions, are all overly-critical, obnoxious and hypocrites.

Yes, there are Christians who display themselves as superior beings and criticize others’ sins over their own, but in this case, one apple does NOT spoil the whole bunch. This ignorance is something that we should definitely steer away from in order to maintain some sort of common ground. Of course as Americans, it is common for us to believe our way is the right way, but there is no such thing as one right religion in which everyone must follow.

I personally am a Christian who is a member of a Baptist denomination church. I believe God is my personal savior and that I am a child of God and it is becoming of me to witness to those who may not know about God. What I won’t do is criticize someone for their particular religion or for not having a religion at all, neither will I force someone to believe.

I have encountered many people in my life who have judged me along the way for being a Christian. People say ‘Oh you’re one of those’ or I would often hear ‘You’re a minister’s child?’ simply because my dad became a minister. People who don’t believe in Christianity often encounter the so called witnesses that picket everywhere they get a chance and assume that every Christian is like this, but that isn’t true.

Another assumption I have understood over the years is people think preachers’ or ministers’ children are always wild and out of control, or are stuck up saints. I am neither of those things and I do not proclaim to be.

I have lived my life like any other normal 21-year-old, except God just happens to be the center of it. As a Christian, you are supposed to build up the people around you, not put them down by criticizing every bad thing they have ever done. I could go on and on about what I believe but there just would not be enough room on this page.

I suggest to those who do not believe or who do not know much about “the word” (Bible) and religion should take the time to educate themselves. Educating yourself on what Christianity is really about and what the Bible says excludes you from being the victim of ignorance and believing in the false-witnesses that exclaim Christianity and instead judge, criticize and betray.