The Student Government Association  is set to start the 2013 election for SGA president.

Laura Alexander, current president of SGA, said this year students will be able to vote online, in the sub [in the Sid Richardson Building] or in the library.

“All students will receive an email in their inbox with the link to click on and vote,” Alexander said. “We have two candidates who are running fro president, Kendal Carnley and Kelsi Holland. Both have been in SGA for the past year; they are going to be campaigning for the next two weeks.”

Current SGA members Carnley, junior pre-law major, and Holland, junior sociology major, have gotten their petitions signed and are starting their campaigning for this year’s up and coming election for SGA president .

Holland expresses her intentions if elected president.

In my efforts to run for SGA President, I have taken the opportunity to listen to the concerns of the students and plan accordingly on how to approach these issues if elected,” Holland said.

Holland said if she is elected her main concern would be to enhance the overall experiences of the on-campus and commuter students .

“[This] includes working with administration to ensure that certain policies are adjusted to benefit the students,” Holland said. “I find that with my experience of working in SGA as a representative and as an executive council member for 3 years, it is policy change that can overall better everyone’s experiences.”

Carnley said his slogan for his campaign is ‘Kenal Carnley: The Student’s President.’

“I have a lot of experience within SGA and with my experience it gives me a better view on what students want and what students need,” Carnley said. “I can actually relate to the students on and off campus.”

Carnley said what he looks forward to most in this campaign is the debate with Kelsi Holland. Carnley said Holland has been in SGA at Texas Wesleyan longer than he has, but he has had experience as president of student government and vice president of region three of the Texas Junior College Student Government Association at Lon Morris College where he transferred from.

“I feel like we are both experienced in government, especially student government and I look forward to some really good debates,” Carnley said.

Carnley said in regards to his potential voters, he believes he can relate to them and has heard their voices multiple times throughout the year of being in SGA.

As current president of Social Rams Carnley said, ” I look forward to is having SGA be more involved with student life , providing more fun and safe atmospheres for students to socialize and have a good time while they are in college. Although college is made for education you should also have a good time while you’re here.”