CAM00568Keora Strain, junior theater major, is finally making her dream become a reality. Strain’s fashion line will be displayed at the fashion show “Klear the Runway” at the Fort Worth Water Gardens on May 4, 2013.

Strain first started her passion in fashion when she was 8 years old. Her parents would buy her dolls. One day out of frustration, she took apart her tiger stuffed animal and made it into an outfit. Her mother then encouraged her to pursue her passion in fashion design. Every time things would occur in her life, Strain would cut up clothes and socks then piece them together to make an outfit.

“I didn’t know the name for it. I just knew I like to do it,” Strain said. “Then as I got older I was like, ‘Oh this is what I’ve been doing all along. It’s called fashion design.’ My mom still has the picture to this day. I look at that picture all the time.”

Strain ran across SLM  Productions in March 2013. SLM stands for: Stan Latrenda McFail. SLM Productions is a company which promotes young aspiring fashion designers. She then got in contact with Michael Styles, Klear the Runway Fashion and model coordinator, through her friend Jordan Twine.

Strain and Styles said the fashion line is for a youth line to help prevent bullying. Fort Worth ISD will be there as well.

“It is a benefit fashion show that is called Klear the Runway that is going to bring awareness to an anti-bulling campaign called Courage on the Move,” Styles said.

Strain was hesitant to start out. She showed different fashion pieces to the people in charge of the fashion show before she could get into the show.

“I had mixed feelings at first because starting off you want to be perfect. You don’t want to start off with flaws. You don’t want people to see you fail,” Strain said. “I think my biggest obstacle with accepting this challenge was doubting myself.”

However,  Styles continued to motivate Strain to get her fashion designs exposed.

“I’m really looking forward to Keora getting more exposure,” Styles said. “I’ve seen the drawings she has designed and I think they’re absolutely wonderful. And I just feel as designers, sometimes we need exposure to a big stage.”

Strain also works with her assistant and best friend Mikia Franklin. Strain confides in her best friend, Franklin; for advice, ideas and encouragement as well.

Franklin says she has seen Strain grow throughout the experience.  There a lot of tasks she finds exciting in helping her throughout the preparation over the last few months.

“I think it’s the process and actually seeing her more involved in the fashion now and actually making the clothes and getting the models to walk down the runway,” Franklin said. “I think what I’m most looking forward to with her is debuting her fashion line.”

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