On April 14, Texas Wesleyan’s residence life had the biggest turnout for the 3rd annual carnival. The carnival took place outside of Stella and Elizabeth Halls.

Baron Yarborough, senior business major, said every year the carnival gets better with more people and different attractions. The first year there was booth attractions and not much going on. The second year there were a few more activities. This year marks the largest turnout ever.

“I think this the best turnout food-wise. Student participation is really up, and I really like the feel of this one,” Yarborough said . “We have had a whole lot of smaller activities and also a good amount of big ones just to keep students having fun right before finals.”

Colin Halicki, senior sacred music major, agreed the carnival had an excellent turnout.

“This has been the best one by far,” Halicki said. “This is a great time to do it because there is no rain out here so there is no need to cancel it. The way they’re distributing tickets for prizes; better chances for everyone to have. I think I put at least 50 for the electronics.”

Yarborough and Kendall Carnley, junior political science major  and president of Social Rams, said Resident Life helped set up the event and the Student Government Association helped fund the carnival.

Yarborough said the money was put toward the the raffles and prizes.

Carnley also said the budget was beneficial since it helped to have more money to fund more activities, which helped keep students actively involved throughout the event.

“As president of Social Rams, I get to see a lot of events,” Carnley said. “I get to see how many students come, how many stay for the whole event or how many just come, eat the food, and leave.”

Carnley said the carnival had an amazing retention rate this year.

“You have students that stayed for multiple hours during all the different events, staying for the raffle, eating the food, and then continuing to stay for the prizes and events,” Carnley said. “That’s something you don’t see often.”