Election accusations could not stop Kelsi Holland from being elected the next Student Government Association president April 23.

Chris Windsor, assistant dean of students, said students told school officials that a Texas Wesleyan professor told students in a class they would receive extra credit if they voted for Holland, a junior sociology major. Such claims have been dismissed after SGA conducted an investigation, said Laura Alexander, former SGA president.

“The investigation is complete and no further inquiries are being made at this time,” Alexander said.

Due to the investigation, SGA  postponed Holland’s swearing in, but the ceremony did happen the afternoon of April 23.

“I was never worried about the situation. I knew that I won fair and square,” Holland said.”I personally felt attacked by the situation, but I knew that I maintained my integrity.”

Windsor said the names of the students who made the allegations would not be released without those students’ permission.

“All student written complaints are confidential,” he said.

Windsor said officials involved in the investigation were Bill Rucker, chief justice of SGA, and Alexander. Dr. Michelle Payne, adviser of SGA,  helped advise during the investigation, Windsor said. He also said that SGA pulled voting to check for accuracy.

The rules for voting are in the Constitution, By-Laws & Election Code of the Student Government Association. In the laws it states there shall be no link(s) directly from any candidate’s campaign website, social media page, email, etc. to the voting website.

Although the candidates did not break the rule, all Texas Wesleyan students were sent a mass email with a link to the voting website.

Jessica Soto, senior political science major said, “For convenience we should be allowed to vote online, but the kinks should be worked out first to be more accurate.”

Holland said the allegations did not prevent her from taking office, and will not affect her plans for her upcoming role.

“There is no impact in my eyes,” Holland said. “Everyone has the right to question and I’m glad the situation has been resolved.”

Rosy Perez, rperez1196@txwes.edu