Once study time is over, partying, exercising and relaxing is what many international students at Texas Wesleyan prefer to do during their leisure time.

Rakan Alaquil, freshmen business major, said he likes to go back to his dorm room and watch TV, read and exercise for leisure.

“On the weekdays, after finishing my classes I go home; sometimes I watch TV or watch some TV shows that I like, or sometimes I prefer to read some books,” Alaquil said. “And On the weekend, sometimes I hang out with friends. … I go to clubs or bars in downtown Fort Worth.”

Alaquil said international students should explore the American culture during their free time by hanging out with American students.

“On the weekdays, I recommend them to explore the American culture here by hanging out with the American people, and get along with them.” Alaquil said. “On the weekend is different from person to person, but I recommend them to go to parties, clubs, go out and have fun.”

Ray Al Malki, freshman business major, said he and his friends like to attend dance clubs and bars in downtown Fort Worth on weekends because it provides an outlet to release school stress and the opportunity to socialize with other people.

“Usually we go to the club Saturday night to dance with other friends and release stress,” Malki said. “I recommend other international students to go hangout with other friends and go to restaurants or a nice club, or anything!”

Nourin Maredia, graduate student in counseling psychology, said she enjoys bar hopping in downtown Fort Worth and downtown Dallas on the weekends.

“I usually just hang around in downtown Fort Worth and go to bars, and sometimes in Dallas too,” Maredia said.

She said during the weekdays, after classes and homework have been completed, she likes to hang with friends and exercise.

“I like to hang out with friends and then go to  the gym,” Maredia said.