Pop-CultureHello, fellow pop culture junkies. Seeing as how I’m graduating, this will be the last installment of Pop Culture Junkie written by yours truly. I’ve truly enjoyed writing this column, which began as Tristian’s Top Ten, when I started at Texas Wesleyan last spring. This column gave me a platform on which I could write about movies, comic books, films, trends, etc. and for that, I have been truly grateful.

As I prepare to enter the big bad real world, I question if my wide range of pop culture knowledge will serve any purpose. I mean, if I one day end up writing for Entertainment Weekly, which I truly hope will happen, then yes, it does serve a purpose. But in the more immediate future, the answer is probably no.

However, it this question made me think about how far people like me, who have an obsession with things that were once considered by most people to be nerdy and geeky, have come.

Perhaps, ones love of comic books and movies and films is still considered a bit nerdy. But I feel now days, the success of successful superhero films and other science fiction and fantasy based movies, TV shows, books, etc. proves more and more, people are willing to let themselves get lost in a fictional world that is both fascinating and impossible. They are more willing to watch trashy reality shows to distract themselves from everything that is going on in their lives.

Although I realize there are still people who are ashamed to say they read comic books, or read science fiction and fantasy novels, or watch trashy reality TV shows, I would like to hope one day, shame will not exist. People should be free to enjoy any and every form of entertainment and be themselves.

This column was me expressing a part of myself in which other people may believe to be silly or nerdy or geeky. I’m okay with being called any of those terms, I am who I am. And, I would like to hope, something I’ve written has inspired you to be you. Whether you’re a comic book reader or a reality TV junkie, and even if you’re none of those things, my point is, be yourself and never let anyone convince you otherwise.