Knycole Smiley, freshman psychology major, tries to not get thrown off the mechanical bull at Ram Jam.

Knycole Smiley, freshman psychology major, tries to not get thrown off the mechanical bull at Ram Jam.

After a long morning of listening to lectures during University College Day, students at Texas Wesleyan University need a way to unwind and relax before the second half of lectures.

The Social Rams planned and put on Ram Jam on Wednesday, April 10, complete with free food and activities for students to enjoy, as they take a break from University College Day.

Michael Chaney, student activities coordinator, said “The purpose of Ram Jam is to have a very amazing social event to kind of culminate the semester and partner up with University College Day.”

Chaney said Ram Jam is a festival that has been going for over 10 years at Texas Wesleyan.

Chaney said when Social Rams was started on campus last year, Ram Jam was given to them to plan.

“They’re the masterminds,” Chaney said. “I’ve worked with them on helping them find some vendors and decide what to do with the budget. But ultimately they’ve been the ones that have made the selections.”

Rams had to make changes to some of the activities for Ram Jam.

Chaney said Ram Jam had to be moved inside Brown-Luptin building due to weather conditions.

Kendal Carnley,  junior political science major and Social Rams president, said Ram Jam provides a fun atmosphere for students to enjoy at the end of the semester.

“Ram Jam is an event during University College Day that gives students a break from all the lectures,” Carnley said. “It gives them something to do in the middle of the day.”

Carnley said the activities at Ram Jam were a mechanical bull, a slam dunk inflatable, a jousting area where students could go head-to-head with jousting sticks, combination pool and miniature golf area, and an illusionist. Carnley said there is free food, t-shirts, and sunglasses.

Carnley said Ram Jam usually has live bands, but this year Social Rams decided to spend their budget on different entertainment.

“What we have found is that it’s more of a background noise, and students don’t really pay attention to it,” Carnley said. “What we decided to do this year is to put more money and more effort towards events and different items to give away.”

Carnley said Ram Jam would not have happened without the Social Rams adviser, Chaney, and the Social Rams.

“My entire Social Rams team has really put a whole lot of effort not only into Ram Jam but into all the events we’ve put on this year,” Carnley said.

Grant Milam, freshman marketing major, said the atmosphere at Ram Jam was exciting, and everyone looked like they were having fun.

Milam said he did every activity at Ram Jam, and he liked the jousting and the illusionist the best.

Milam said even thought Ram Jam had to be held indoors it was still successful.

“I don’t think the weather effected it in a negative way,” Milam said. “People came from lectures, and it kept people inside instead of outside in the rain.”

Milam said he thinks there should have been a live band at Ram Jam and he was under the impression that there would be one.

Milam said Ram Jam was fun, and he liked that it brought everyone at the university together to socialize and have a good time.