For decades  some have considered Texas Wesleyan the metroplex’s “best kept secret”, but the Marketing and Communications Department has succeeded in unveiling Texas Wesleyan  with the  Smaller.Smarter advertising campaign.

Texas Wesleyan’s advertising and admissions campaign, Smaller.Smarter has had the honor of winning five awards in the 2012 Collegiate Advertising Awards and won awards at the 28th Annual Educational Advertising Awards. Advertisements of Texas Wesleyan can now be seen in more than 20 movie theaters including AMC, Cinemark, Movie Tavern, Rave, Royal Theaters and more.

John Veilleux, vice president of Marketing and Communications, said these national awards only prove what everyone now knows, that the campaign works.

“What works is a campaign that really communicates Texas Wesleyan’s strengths,”  Veilleux said. “I think our Smaller. Smarter campaign is definitely doing that.”

Veilleux said quantitatively the campaign is working, and the applications for admission are about 105 percent.

“At the end of the day that is what will tell me whether or not we have a successful campaign: are we really effectively communicating Texas Wesleyan’s strengths, and are Texas Wesleyan’s strengths resonating with our perspective students in terms of applying to the school and not just applying but coming here?” Veilleux said.

Veilleux said the motive behind starting the Smaller.Smarter campaign was always considered a best kept secret that not enough people knew about.

Veilleux said according to research, only two out of 10 people knew about Texas Wesleyan in the metroplex.

“The motive was to improve the awareness; we want to tell people not only immediately around Fort Worth or around the school but we really want to tell all of Fort Worth, the entire county,” Veilleux said. ” We believe that we can develop a strong regional reputation by communicating to people who we are and what we do.”

Veilleux said the marketing team wants Wesleyan to be a destination school for people who want and need the small class environment.

Veilleux said what sets Texas Wesleyan apart from any other school is  it is not a big school. Veilleux went to the University of North Texas and his English classes consisted of more than 300 students, which was a completely different experience from the small classes that are provided at Wesleyan.

“We are a small school that really delivers students that hands on learning, that one on one effective teaching that takes place between a professor and the student, small class sizes, teachers who really care, and teachers who challenge [students] to think critically and who have time to meet with students,” Veilleux said.

Veilleux said the marketing department will continue the campaign in the fall. The methods and strategies they have used this far will stay the same.

Janee Alexander, junior English major, said the Smaller.Smarter advertisement campaign keeps the perspective students guessing about what all Wesleyan has to offer.

“We may be a small university but we offer way more entities than majority of the larger universities,” Alexander said.

Trent Sandles, senior business major, said he feels the advertising campaign has done an excellent job with marketing.

“They really found a perfect spot for Texas Wesleyan; not only is the university smaller but smaller is also smarter,” Sandles said.

Sandles said the advertising campaign has been extremely effective in broadening out the university.

“We have seen over 1,400 under grad applicants and have accepted over 500,” Sandles said. “That is more than what we have had in years past and I definitely think that it had something to do with the marketing of commercials and billboards throughout the DFW area.