If you are like me, you have been counting down the days until the semester is over. We start planning out our summer vacation, filling our schedules up with fun activities, or our  over achievers are signing up for summer class. But one thing we quickly forget when counting down the days until summer vacation is the semester is NOT over, and we still have finals and projects to complete.

If you aren’t doing so well in a class and you are barely passing or have an extremely low B, you might want to think twice about partying it up all week before that big final. Although that doesn’t give students who are passing their classes with As a chance to slack either. I wouldn’t want to take that chance. A lot of professors are smarter than we give them credit, they know how we think because they have been there themselves. So most finals or final projects are worth more than any other assignments that are given.

If you are the type of person that has to study ahead for every test, then it would not be smart to cram a lot of information into your brain the night or morning before your exam.

Now some people are just annoyingly absorbent. They don’t need to study and can still make a good grade on their tests. Now, personally I know I’m not that kind of person and you shouldn’t lie to yourself if you know you are not this kind of person.

Essays and projects at the end of the semester should NOT be put off at the last minute because not only are we rushing to get it done, most of us aren’t truly proof reading the work we’ve done. I like to get a decent amount of sleep; I couldn’t possibly spend the entire night until late the next morning writing a six-to-10 page paper.

I urge students to plan accordingly with all of your other assignments at least a couple weeks or a month ahead of time. By planning ahead you get a chance to do things in portions instead of having to produce all of that information at once. If you like your sleep, this will work for you and your sleeping habits.

Once all of your projects and essays are done and you have rocked your tests, then it’s time to celebrate. You can have all the fun you want but I’d advise that you do it safely.