Time-OutThroughout the 2012-2013 athletic season, the Texas Wesleyan athletic programs have thrived. The teams have had great seasons, successful seasons, and that has created memorable moments, not just for the student-athletes but for the students as well.

All teams, up to now, have finished with winning seasons. Some teams have won in their competitions for the Red River Athletic Conference; others have even competed in nationals. Either way it goes, the Lady Rams and Rams have really given the Wesleyan athletic department something to be proud of. The student-athletes worked extremely hard to accomplish these things and it says a lot about Wesleyan’s program.

Wesleyan’s coaches have done an amazing job recruiting good athletes in all sports and it has shown throughout the year. The students at Wesleyan have also shown support for the teams. I remember going to the soccer games and even though it was cold outside, students showed up with blankets and coffee, cheering on both teams to victory. As a student-athlete up until last season, people don’t understand how important fans are. Fans can help change the momentum of a game in seconds. Once the fans start really cheering and getting loud, the team normally gets “amped” or “hyped” and that alone can change the pace of a game.

It will be interesting next year to see the competition change as the Rams and Lady Rams enter the Sooner Athletic Conference, SAC. I believe Wesleyan teams will compete just fine, and can even make a statement next athletic year. Although I will be graduated, I will definitely come back to catch up on games and check out the new competition. Good luck teams and finish strong!