Dia De Los Toadies 6


A&E first-person observations – Dia de Los Toadies – Panther Island Pavilion – Sept. 14


By Dakota Baggett





IMG_4194Due to prior engagements during the day, we arrived as the last band is going off – pretty sure it’s Gary Clarke Jr. and sad to have missed him, as well as the other local bands that played all day at the sixth annual festival.


From the entrance we had to cross the bridge that goes over the Trinity River to the main stage, which is tucked away in a corner on the river. It is an open stage with a view of  the downtown Fort Worth skyline framed in the background. The stage is at the bottom of a hill on the bank of the Trinity River with a tent city and food truck midway moving away from the stage.  Hipsters and college kids are in the mosh pit -beach balls, marijuana smoke, and a cloud of dust from the bare ground under foot hang in the air as everyone patiently waits for the Toadies to go on stage.


The older crowd is sitting further back in the grass up on the hill where people have planted their lawn chairs and beach towels; it was a large crowd, but there isn’t a bad seat in the house. We are choosing to hang with the older generation initially.


Before the headliner has even arrived, young men who have partied too much today had to be led out by their girlfriends, and as one is now emptying his stomach on the grass meant for sitting, he is being booed and cursed at by people who looked a lot like our parents.


This concert has all the essentials you see and smell at similar events. There are plenty of funny hats, pretty girls in bikinis, alcohol, and joints being passed around. When the sun was up earlier in the day people were able to float the river.


There are not a lot of vacant places, either. It is packed. Drunken people are hitting their peak or choosing to go a little bit too far, having to leave early while the old guys can stay for the end like true fans.




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