By Dakota Baggett, Rambler Stafffootball

So far the  Cowboys have started off strongly with a 2-1 record to lead their division, and Tony Romo seems to be preforming well statistically.
As far as the past goes, Romo is an average a and in some aspects he can even be called a slightly above-average QB. Through three games in 2013, he ranks 15th out of 38 in passing efficiency. The Top 10 QBs’ are most of the big names you tend to hear about often such as Drew Brees, Matthew Stafford, RG3, Eli Manning, and Matt Ryan, but he also has some big names that are below him in the ranking such as Peyton Manning, Joe Flaco, Tom Brady, and Jay Cutler.
Dallas fans tend to be loyal, but they have to ask why do the Cowboys disappoint season after season? Many folks tend to blame Romo, and statistically he looks good; unless you are a person that watches the games you tend to notice that he may be an above average player on paper, but anyone who has played the game knows that isn’t what it takes to win games.
First, more than just a quarterback is needed to make a good team, every position is vital. While the QB is responsible for getting the ball to the right person which is a big responsibility. All the other positions have an effect on the decisions made by the QB. If the linemen are not effective blockers, then the quarterback has less time to get rid of the ball; which might attribute to the fact that over his 10 complete years in the NFL, he has averaged 11.5 interceptions a season.
Of course, all of that still begs the question, why aren’t the Cowboys as good as they were 20 years ago? Most fans might have already answered that question. The franchise’s problem boils down to consistency. Anyone who watches the games on a regular basis may have probably noticed that over the years the team seems to only play for one half.
They also might have a commanding lead in the first half, but throw it away in the second, and this seems to be Romo’s biggest trend. Anyone who looks at the stats will notice that in the regular season the team does ranks well in the division. In the 7 years that Romo has been the starter, the Cowboys have had two 1st place, one 2nd place, and four 3rd-place finishes.
The franchise looks good on paper, but they always tend to let their fans down when it comes to the playoffs. The team hasn’t won a Super Bowl since 1995 with the bulk of its Super bowl wins being in the 90’s.
The team doesn’t have average players – actually most of the Cowboys are very talented, but statistically the franchise ends the season as nothing special. The aspect that keeps the Cowboys at an average level boils down to consistency until the team plays their hardest both halves they won’t be the champions they were 20 years ago.