Trinity River Trash Bash is a large annual event the city of Fort Worth hosts.

The city held the 22nd annual event on Saturday, Sept. 21, and Psi Chi national honor society sponsored it as a community and volunteer opportunity to get more students involved.

Jessica Salyers, senior Psychology major and president of Psi Chi, first participated in TRTB her sophomore year in high school. She expressed the importance as the president of Psi Chi to make sure the honor society is active within the community, and the TRTB is an excellent opportunity to give back to Fort Worth.

“I am extremely excited for such a big turnout,” Salyers said. “I know we have several other groups participating and bringing their members to join Psi Chi.”

There were 20 participants this year. The registered group from Texas Wesleyan received free T-shirts, gloves and trash bags. During the event, the group gathered trash in the area until clean and attended the after party in the Panther Pavilion for free lunch provided by the city.

“I am pleased that so many people wanted to participate in this event,” Salyers said. “Even though we are only going to pick up trash for a small amount of time, the experience is still rewarding. We can make a difference in Fort Worth and keep it beautiful. I look forward to hosting many more community service projects in the future.”

The Trash Bash was coordinated by Brenda Fry of the Tarrant County Water District, and organizers believe it makes an impact on the amount of trash runoff into the Trinity River.

trash bash- courtesy
Photo by Josh Salyers.