Graham’s Grail Reading Sunday at Wesleyan

By Dakota Baggett

Sunday, Sept. 29, John Humphrey, a senior English Major with a secondary education certification at Texas Wesleyan and author of the play “Graham’s Grail”, will have a reading of his work at 2 p.m. in Theatre Wesleyan on campus.

It is a free program, and students and community are encouraged to attend, watch, listen, ask questions, and give feedback on the play. This will only be a reading of the script, so it is not yet a full production.

The Rambler had an exclusive interview with Humphrey earlier this week and got his early impressions of this original work.

“Wesleyan is giving me the opportunity as a playwright to showcase my work to the theater community,” he said. “I will be asked questions and given suggestions all of which will help me improve my play and my skill as a writer in the future. In an ideal world someone watching will like my play enough to produce it, but as this really is my first play, I am just grateful for the chance to get good, constructive feedback.”



According to the Facebook page for the Wesleyan Playmarket Series, the play is “a suspenseful, intelligent thriller that takes you on a dark and twisted road into the mind of an individual tortured by his own convictions. Purposefully provocative, this play is not afraid to explore controversial issues, combining religious overtones with a strong and moral heart.”

Humphrey said the inspiration for the play came to him in a recurring nightmare that he decided to develop into a play.

“Over time it has grown into a commentary on religion,” he stated, “or rather our different individual perceptions about religion. The play is a drama with a small element of black humor.”

It’s a rare occasion when students and the Wesleyan community get to review a reading of an original play by the author, and this work has promise in the eyes of several academic and theatre partisans who have previewed the production.

Bring friends and enjoy the writing of aspiring playwright John Humphrey, who welcomes feedback and will present some personal observations about the creative piece.

The Rambler will be on hand and will have an updated review coming via social media.