The days we live in subsist of a political divide that has not been experienced to equivalent degree since the Civil War.

As the multiple directions that our country’s leaders want take us are outlying from coast to coast, it grieves the American patriot that he can only read in history books about the unison that the nation once operated in. In times past, America has always overcome the challenge of each generation, be it a war of domestic nearness or oversea front, or a depression that forced citizens to be their brother’s keeper, by the principle of unity.

This desirable concept of unison was one of several principles that former U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-Ill.) emphasized on his way to becoming President in 2008. However, despite his 2004 speech that stressed our country being “the United States of America,” President Obama and the Democrat Party have used every means possible to divide the nation.

Though I certainly fault the President for his policies, I find his means of implementing them of greater offense. As Saul Alinsky stated that conservatives have the better argument, so we must attack their character,  the President and a large majority of the Democrat party have taken this to heart, manifested in the relentless demonizing of conservatives, absent of substance.

With regularity, conservatives and alike are accused of racism. Even here at Wesleyan, one of my professors last spring stated race was the cause Republicans did not support the President. However, this same professor, when asked later, not only was unaware that the only black Senator is a Republican backed by the Tea Party (Tim Scott, R-S.C.), but never heard of Allen West or Dr. Benjamin Carson, both of whom receive an abundance of support from the GOP. Furthermore, many Democrats boast of the Civil Rights Act, yet most are unaware that Senate Democrats filibustered this historic bill in a failed attempt to prevent it from passing and that President Dwight  Eisenhower pushed for a Civil Rights Act in 1957 – only to be limited by Democrats in Congress.

In the last Presidential election, one may recall that Republicans were closely associated with “the rich” as President Obama repeatedly stated that they “need to pay their fair share.” The problem with this is that the popularly called, yet widely unknown, who the “rich” of America are, pay over half of America’s income taxes already.

In addition, studies show that in reality, rather than the political sphere, the majority of America’s wealthiest are actually Democrats. Moreover, the Republican Party’s base consist primarily of the middle class while the Democrat base is comprised of the rich and a dependent welfare class, with exceptions.

Conservatives suffer another character assault by liberals in the accusation of having a “war on women.” If there were such a thing, it must extend into the Democrat party as well as women on President Obama’s White House staff on average are paid $10,000 less in salary than men, according to published U.S. salary records.

In the case of abortion, the motive of believing that life begins at conception and that it hurts mothers too is significantly ignored as heated emotion is aroused by Democrats in a prime example of attacking the conservative character. Ironically, when speaking of character and abortion, Planned Parent Hood was founded by Margret Sanger who spoke at several Ku Klux Klan rallies and openly believed that the white race was the “supreme race.”

Finally, President Obama’s administration has attempted to attack conservative voices based on their education; Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh namely. In an attempt to discredit them based on not having college degrees, liberals ignore the substance of information these voices provide. It needs to be noted that our world and the reality that makes it does not consist of a college degree, which merely opens doors, but the creativity of our brain and the sweat of our brow does.

I strongly believe America wants to be united, but it must start with leadership. If the President and his administration would debate the facts rather than demonize their political rivals, and work through the issues, perhaps America could move forward after all.