Having such a rich history in the city of Fort Worth—actually in all of Texas—Texas Wesleyan University should have a campus that matches the illustrious background. With the construction taking place on Rosedale, the street in front of campus, that is exactly what they are planning to do.

As great as that is: however, it is coming at great sacrifice not only to us students but those who live in the surrounding neighborhoods. The entire street of Rosedale is being worked on—in other words it is being ripped up. There is a detour around every corner, literally and figuratively.

The ending date of this project is somewhere in 2014, and even though it is only next year it seems like it is much further, actually we feel as though the end is never going to come. When students try to leave campus, we are faced with a plethora of roadblocks—I can only imagine the struggle that the commuters are faced with.  The construction adds at least an additional five to ten minutes is added to the commute, and that is just one street.

Rosedale is down to two lanes, one going each way. The bulldozers that are tearing through concrete and asphalt have become the soundtrack to Wesleyan students. Now, not only is Rosedale being worked on, North Beach Street has construction, and the construction on Rosedale seemingly goes as far as they eye could see—even in the direction of TCU.

We as students should have pride in our university, and when we as students see construction taking place we must remember that when there is construction that means that there is progression and growth for the university—which both of these things are positives. Right now, it is hard for us to see the positive because we cannot see passed the bulldozers and construction cones; however, we know it is there. And when this project is done it only means that the campus is one step closer to being just as illustrious in looks as it is in legacy.