Rosy Perez

Are you ready to have sweat dripping onto the floor down your back and in your eyes and all in thirty minutes?

When I started to look into the Insanity class offered at the Morton Fitness Center, I didn’t think it was going to be as intense as it was.

I am far from an athlete. I do the occasional workout here and there and try to go for a run, but I honestly didn’t think I was in that bad of shape when I tried Insanity.

The first day of Insanity I literally asked if I was going to die, and some people said yes. Once we started the warmup, I realized why. The class only lasts 30 minutes, so they weren’t kidding when they say they are going to put you to work.

With five minutes remaining on my first try at Insanity I had to gracefully walk myself out the room to go throw up and “catch my breath.” As I walked back to the room and waited outside for them to finished because I was so embarrassed.

The second time I tried Insanity, I felt a little bit more comfortable with myself and felt like I tried harder. Aaron Whaley pushes you to do your best and that the awesome thing about the Morton Fitness Center.

If you ask students or faculty on campus about him, they will say how great he is at his job. Just when you feel like you can’t do it, he throws some motivational words your way.

It’s like he knows you are looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking you can’t do this any more, and that’s when he says don’t let the mirror win. He doesn’t even expect you to go at the pace he is. He just wants you to give it your best.

When you go on YouTube to look at Insanity you probably think you can do that with my eyes closed, you just might be able to do that due to all the salty sweat rolling down your face and into your eyes. Don’t you just love that burning sensation?

Some of the workout includes pushups, abs and lots of core work. When you are in the room doing planks or other exercises, you have to wipe the floor due to all the sweat.

I think that if you are ready to try something different and in 30 minutes to say no, at the least go try Insanity. You will be walking like a duck the next day due to soreness, but it is well worth it.

After you push yourself as hard as you do in that class, you will start to watch what you eat and be thankful you participated in Insanity.