MM900354742This year I visited the State Fair of Texas for the first time. As an international student from the United Kingdom, I was especially excited because I’ve heard so much about it in the four years I’ve been in the states.
I play soccer for Texas Wesleyan and our coach was kind enough to let us take a team trip to the fair. We arrived at 1.30 p.m., and the first thought that struck me was how big the area of the show was.
The first area we ended up in was the circle around Big Tex − who is a large wired figure dressed as a cowboy – which made world news last year when he was burned. I wanted to see how the new one compared to the old.
My teammates and I were impressed by how bright his clothing looked along with his new fresh-looking faced. The new Big Tex was unveiled on Sept. 27, so it’s a special time to go to the fair. After taking a few photos with Big Tex, we moved down into the automobile area where lots of beautiful vehicles were seen. This included a new dark green 991 Carrera Stinger that seemed to be getting most of the attention.
Then I met up with a few more of my teammates who said they just been to the pig race, which was worth observing because it was pretty funny. I didn’t get time to see it but definitely will go next time I visit the fair.
We started walking around the food court to try the different fried foods on offer. I got the deep fried avocado as I didn’t want anything too sweet. It was an interesting complex and I would recommend it to anyone who likes avocado.
My teammates went for the sweeter options of fried Oreosand fried Snickers, which we all tried and liked. Some other teammates went for chicken fried bacon, which was extra crispy, and there were many other options including fried Reese’s candy, fried Thanksgiving dinner and even fried beer.
A few of the guys went on some of the rides, which were fun but appeared to be aimed at a younger audience. Toward the end we sat at benches by the entrance and listened to the live country music that was playing on the main stage while we chewed on overly large turkey legs – like something out of the Flintstones’ cartoons.
Shortly after that we left but with good memories and great team bonding as we went on to win our next soccer game from all the hard work we had put in the rest of the week. Everyone had a great time and it was extra special for the many Wesleyan international players who have not experienced anything like this.
I hope to see Big Tex again next year for even more fun and games.