Austin Iba

The LEAP Motion company ( has come out with updated technology where people can draw, play, create, explore and learn and by using only their hands.

LEAP Motion Inc. has made an industry milestone as the first PC notebook that has three-dimensional motion control capabilities. By using new micro-sensor technology, it can track the in-air movements of both hands and all 10 fingers with great accuracy. It’s almost as if your hand is going through the computer screen.
Classes of Dr. Carol Johnson-Gerendas at Texas Wesleyan viewed the new technology and were impressed with the innovations. Some students and faculty even have looked at downloading the new programs.
“The LEAP Motion team has developed incredible technology that fundamentally changes how consumers interact with digital content,” said Senior Vice President of Hewlett-Packard’s consumer PC and Services group. “We are excited to be the first to embed LEAP Motion’s technology in a PC, and our collaboration with LEAP Motion is just one example of how HP is innovating and defining the next generation computing experience.”
Previously, hands always have been on the keyboard and mouse, but with the LEAP, hands and fingers are free to move in front of the computer.
The LEAP Motion controller can track all fingers up to 1/100th of a millimeter and track your hand movements over 200 frames per minute, and it appears to be more sensitive than any motion existing control technology. With its wide view, users can move their hands freely in front of the screen. You can reach out and grab objects, and even move them around in 3D fashion.
There are many other things you can do: browse the web, read articles, flip through photos, draw, and paint, sculpt, mold, stretch, bend 3D objects and design with your fingertips. You can even draw feet away using a pencil.
“HP integrating LEAP Motion’s technology so rapidly pushes the industry forward to offer users more innovative computing options,” said Michael Buckwald, co-founder and CEO of LEAP Motion.