By: Dakota Baggett

No Shave November raises cancer research awareness

Nov.  1 meant guys all across America have baby faces for the next few days, and as we near the end of the month, they will have full blown beards.

What then is No Shave November?

According to Wikipedia, the event originated in Australia in 2004, but it was called Movember where men grew mustaches to raise prostate cancer awareness. The history of how it evolved into a beard growing contest is a bit fuzzy.

In 2009 No Shave November started on Facebook to raise money for cancer research, according to  The purpose is to take the money that you normally spend on shaving for the month, and donate it to cancer research.

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As someone who has lost family members to cancer, I think that this is a good cause, or the idea of it is, at least. I don’t think it is focused on raising cancer awareness as much as it is a fad. Most of my friends on Facebook act very excited about this month, and it is not my place to say whether they actually know what it is for or not, but what purpose is it serving? I feel like guys do this just to fit in or be cool now, I mean I guess this is how all movements get started; people just don’t want to get left out of the crowd. My other thought is that there is such a good response from the female population that it has become a new way of picking up chicks.

Personally, I don’t participate because I am like most people and I don’t donate to cancer research, not to mention I can’t stand that itchy feeling when my facial hair gets too long. I feel like if I am going to participate in something like that, it should actually be for a purpose, but growing out a beard for a month just because everyone else is doing it is not a purpose. It makes you a follower.

I am not bashing the people that take this month seriously and actually give their money and beards to these foundations. I am bashing the beard groupies who want to look like they support a good cause but really don’t care about it and only want an excuse to be lazy and not shave for a month.

Cool you can grow a beard, but in the month it took you get your Grizzly Adams look what did you do to spread awareness of cancer? And all you girls out there that get all excited over this month,  just stop enabling these guys who are only looking for recognition; if you like beards that much then date a guy who has one all the time.