Rams men’s basketball scores successful home opener


Dakota Baggett

Email: dabaggett@txwes.edu

I really only have a basic knowledge of sports in general, and basketball is no exception; this may be my opinion, but it is in no way based on any kind of deep knowledge of the sport.

The home team dominated in the first half of Texas Wesleyan’s opening-game win over Southwestern Adventist as the Rams owned the scoreboard 45-26.

While for a majority of the game Wesleyan kept at least a 10-point lead, there was a brief stretch of time midway through the second half that the visiting Knights gained some momentum. Southwestern was able to close the gap to 88-84 late in the game, but the Rams picked the pace back up and ended with a victory 97-88.

The Rams were impressive early, and they were able to dominate for most of the game, but it seemed that a series of fouls gave the opponents the upper hand at times. Thankfully, Wesleyan adapted, or it could have easily been an “L” for the Rams.

bball emma

It was an impressive win, shots were executed beautifully many times, defense was on point with rebounds, and offense controlled the tempo well.

I played one season of Little League basketball when I was a kid, but I have no clue about strategies or formations, so on a technical level I have no clue how well either team preformed. Still, it was a fun game to watch.

Texas Wesleyan won, and at the end of the night that is really what matters: the final score was 97-88. The Rams played well, and the two teams pressed for most of the game.

As an armchair fan, I can see that there is room for improvement. But that holds true with any team in any sport after every game. The game could have gone in a bad direction, but the Rams were able to hold off the comeback and ended strong.

As long as the Rams can continue to dominate the court and keep their momentum throughout the entire game, then I think this will be a promising season.