Texas Wesleyan has undergone major changes due to the exponential growth of the student body on campus in 2013.

Due to the large growth of students on campus, there has been limited office space and limited classroom space. Many offices that were once offices and classrooms have now became dorm rooms.

“We had to move folks around to the new dorm rooms that were once offices and people were moved to different buildings.” said Campus Security Director Blake O. Bumbard. The Campus Security also was affected by the student growth on campus as well, they had moved from their previous location to their new location at OC Armstrong Hall since July 2012.

“It’s been better,” he said. “We were down the road. Now it’s more convenient, and we have more interaction with the students on campus.” Their only plans if they ever had to move again were for the some of the new buildings scheduled to be built in the future. There might be a new location for security.

Besides Campus Security, students on campus were also affected by new dormitory rooms in 2013 as well but in a bigger way. They get to have more interaction with other people in their dorm rooms than they ever thought.

Larissa Ramirez, who lives in Armstrong Hall, has gotten to make new friends.

“I meet a lot of people I never thought I would think I would meet,” she said.

Another student who also lives in Armstrong Hall, Nurun Nabi who is a computer science major from Bangladesh, got the chance to meet new people from different countries and different cultures, and they all had the chance to try each other’s foods.

As for the future of the current dorms rooms, many are undergoing renovation.

“The Elizabeth and O.C. Armstrong Halls are undergoing renovations since this summer,” said Sharon Manson, the director of residence life. “They got a donation from the Armstrong family of $700,000.”

The first thing that you are going to notice is the shades on the windows at O.C. Armstrong Hall around Christmas time. Next will be the electrical system, which functions the heating and cooling of the buildings.

“This is going to be a real advancement because the electrical system has not changed much since the day the O.C building was built in 1957,” Manson said. “The landscaping is going to change as well for both the front of the Elizabeth and O.C. Halls. There are also going to be major changes inside the buildings as well. Renovations of flooring and closets, they are going to redo both of the kitchens in O.C. and Elizabeth buildings. They are going to get new cabinet appliances, paint the walls, etc.”

Wesleyan is undergoing numerous changes, from the many offices turned dorm rooms and dorm rooms into offices to the new renovations of the O.C. and Elizabeth Armstrong Halls to the new construction for Wesleyan’s future.