Music preview: Nick Verzosa  and the Noble Union

Dakota Baggett

For all the Texas country fans, there is an up-and-coming band that might be of interest.

Nick Verzosa & the Noble Union is playing downtown Fort Worth at the White Elephant Saloon Friday, Nov. 15, at 9 p.m. The band has three albums out already – ”The Smoking Gun”, “She Only Loves Me” and “ Live at the Thirsty Armadillo”.

For the next album, Verzosa said the group currently is in studio with longtime Austin musician A.J. Vallejo. The two bands are co-producing a five-song extended play called “Love in Principle” set to release in February 2014 with the single titled “Love On It”.

The press release that was sent over discussing the new album gives a tasty description of the band; it also means that they have a lot to live to live up to.

“Nick Verzosa & the Noble Union have never met a music venue they didn’t like and have never left the stage without acquiring a room full of newly dedicated fans,” according the news release. “Is it the classic country throb that pulsates off the Richter scale in their drivin’ tunes?  Is it the rockabilly attitude that wafts off the stage weakening the proud spirits like school kids to peer pressure?  Is it the clever lyrical prose that instantly downloads into your internal jukebox and plays on repeat?  Is it the way Verzosa can come down on the audience with some Conway Twitty action in a spoken word dialog that seduces the young ladies until they momentarily forget the names of their boyfriends?  It’s all of it.”

Those are bold words to live up to: the in-studio stuff sounds good, and Verzosa has a good voice. His sound and songs are well fit to be called Texas Country.

When I listened to the band they sound eerily similar to Casey Donahew Band; this is not a bad thing. It is a good name to be compared to. Nick and his crew have their own sound and don’t sound like they will disappoint, but the real test will be the live show.

Lead singer and songwriter Verzosa is a Fort Worth native, went to Paschall High School and is now based out of College Station in Bryan Texas. He attended Texas A&M from 2001-2005. The band has been together for about four years, and they play about three shows a week.

Nick said he got his start in music young when he started taking guitar lessons at TCU. For about 12 years he was classically trained on the guitar. In high school Verzosa started listening to some of the bands that had an influence on his work such as Pat Green, James Taylor, Woody Gentry, and even Simon and Garfunkel .

One of the songs that has the most meaning to Nick is “Back When Love was Easy”. Verzosa says it was written throughout his college years.  He was talking with a friend who was going through a separation, and they discussed how love was simpler and easier in high school and college.

“It comes from the realization that you have to work harder to really find out what love is,.” Verzosa said, but he is married now, so he obviously has figured out what works in those situations.

As far as the band goes, Verzosa said it has been playing for about four years, and the current lineup has been together for about three year, is pretty and has great chemistry. Verzosa was playing solo in 2008 working odd jobs around College Station until he started making enough money to quit his day job. Then he found local musicians to make up the band. Over the years the band has evolved, but the bass player has been with him since the beginning.

Be sure to check these guys out, come out to the concert Nov. 15, and see what they are all about in Fort Worth.