Rosy Perez

On Saturday, Nov. 2, I was able to witness the sounds of joy and peace at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

Coming out of two doors was the sounds of pianos, voices and trumpets all by Texas Wesleyan students and faculty with guest performances by Tarrant County College students and faculty.

I was a bit apprehensive about attending attend because it was on a Saturday, and I had plans but all my view changed when I heard the performances.

“High in the Sky” had to be one of my favorites because it was about what could happen on a night in Rome. I was amazed to hear the voices of the students and the reactions on the faces of the crowd as the Wesleyan students performed.

Not only was it mind boggling to hear them but it also made you feel at ease with yourself once you were able to sit done and relax.

Another performance that was just priceless was Hannnah Ogea on the piano. I have always been a fan of the piano and to see what 10 fingers can do on a piano left me speechless.

Ogea’s performance was so relaxing that I thought if only students could hear this as they studied. Listening to the students and faculty perform was like being at a professional show.

I would love to learn how the students prepare for performances because just because you learned how to play or sign doesn’t mean you have learned how to capture the audience. These students and staff must practice day after day to just make their presence known when they walk out the small door to the stage and perform..

I truly enjoyed having the opportunity of going to see this wonderful display of music.

Some other Music department upcoming events are on Nov. 26 and Dec. 3, and see the calendar below for the annotated schedule.

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