Joy Woods

IMG_6759Christmas season is the time that suddenly everyone gets in the spirit to give or even get out and volunteer.

Food banks receive a large amount of donations, and children receive gifts from people they have never met through programs such as Angel Tree. There rarely is ever a mean spirit around this time of year, even those who may not celebrate Christmas or may not even be religious find it in their heart to give back.

And all of this is fine and dandy, but what happens when this season passes? What happens to those families who could not eat? Do they only get to eat around Thanksgiving and Christmas? Do people only care about others for two months of the year?

Yes, as students it is hard to have extra money to buy things for others; however, volunteering does not cost anything, well maybe time, but still nothing. Volunteering even looks good on your resume, yet why do we barely do it?

There is something that one feels when one gives back. To see that glimmer in the eye of the young child or even serving that homeless person a meal at the shelter, that feeling should be felt all year around not just around Christmas.

Our campus is directly across the street from a Boys and Girls club, but how many of us students actually volunteer there?

Many organizations on other campuses across the country require students to have community service. In the grand scheme of things, that is what the majority of college Greek organizations were founded on, but not on this campus.

Many other Student Government Associations require its members to have service hours, and they even put on campus wide service projects, not this campus. Why?

Yes, students become busy with the year and things they have to accomplish, and some are just ready to graduate; however, how can one be too busy just walk across the street to Boys and Girls club or even Poly High School for 30 minutes or even an hour  just to sit and talk or tutor.

Those little things go a long way. We as a campus are in a prime location to make a major difference in the community, to set an example to the children and teenagers in the surrounding areas, but will we?

Not just during Christmas, but year-round, will we take time out of our lives to make a difference in someone else’s?