Prayer room provides outlet for interfaith students

Rosy Perez

Prayer room provides outlet for interfaith students

As we all know, Texas Wesleyan is a school of many cultures and different beliefs.

Mohammed Khalid M. Alshafei, president of the Saudi Students Club at Wesleyan, had a meeting in 2012 with President Frederick Slabach asking for a prayer room to be provided as prayer is very important for the Saudi culture.

It is quite common for Saudi students to pray about five times a day, three of those times during classes or school.

“The reasons for this (prayer room) are twofold,” said Rev. Dr. Robert K. Flowers, Wesleyan chaplain. “One, to show hospitality to our foreign students and, two, our campus needs to be open and tolerant of other faith traditions whether it is Islam, Hindu, Jewish, or otherwise.”

The prayer room was established in 2012 and is located in the Morton Fitness Center.

The prayer room also has to face toward the Ka’ba shrine in Mecca for Islamic observances, according to

Another thing the Islamic students perform before praying is the washing of hands and feet.

“We have to be cleaned before we pray,” said Alshafei. “We believe that when we pray, we will be between the hands of God.”

Islamic pray starts in the standing position and moves through several postures and ends with the taslima (greeting) meaning “Peace be upon you,” according to

When talking to Alshafei, he indicated many of his friends and classmates use the prayer room.

Currently, students who use the prayer room wash their hands and feet in the bathrooms of the Morton Fitness Center but the question of whether or not a different area should be used has come up in recent conversations.

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  1. ted i lewis says:

    It makes me, and so many others, sick to see what people like you are doing. Letting Muslims get more control in my country. They play the potty me thing. and we are to do whatever they want! They came to MY country to, as they say, make a better life. Well become American! Stop changing MY country into what they want! The koran and the writings of mohamed, are nothing but hate for Christians or any who do not believe as they do! The crap book tells them to kill all who are not, or will not become muslim! You are so smart? Read for yourself! Stop kissing their butts! Love God and MY country, enough to stop this! If you don’t? You will not like what YOU will see MY country turn into! Mark my word! Muslims will start the last war MY country will see! As always. ” I live my life. That when my feet hit the floor in the morning. The devil and muslims say, ” OH CRAP!!! HE IS AWAKE!!!”

  2. Barb says:

    Sharia creeps on. According to, Muslims have committed nearly 22,000 terrorist acts since 9/11.
    When they out number us, they won’t “ask”, they will take, whether you like it or not.
    But, go ahead, be “hospitable”. See if they will allow you a Methodist Church in a muslim country. Ha!

  3. […] life. It has crept in like a slow moving fog, and clouded the vision of anyone who has eyes to see. Texas Wesleyan University in Ft. Worth, a Methodist affiliated university, has fully submitted to sharia. Under the guise of […]

  4. Mark says:

    I am disgusted by this submission to Islam. What’s next, a room for Rastafarians? how about Voodoo? Santa Ria? Devil Worshippers? Oh wait, you have that, now.

    Are you going to require Sharia law be “tolerated” as well?

    Methodist have lost their way, and it’s clear that this room is NOT for ALL Faiths, but for ONE evil Faith.

    “Multi-cultural?” So what? You are supposed to be a Methodist University.

    What is wrong with this school? Are you afraid of being blown up? Or did the liberals in charge decide to be “tolerant;” which of course means submissive to Islam and Progressivism while spiting on Christianity.

  5. J Carr says:

    Islam is permeating our Universities, Muslims have an ulterior motive and they do not keep it a secret. Is there a praying place for Jews is the Chapel designated for Christians with a cross on the alter? Or is it just interfaith. I am appalled by this “Methodist University” my great grandfather Gifford was a Methodist circuit rider minister, he is probably rolling in his grave

  6. […] It has crept in like a slow moving fog, and clouded the vision of anyone who has eyes to see. Texas Wesleyan University in Ft. Worth, a Methodist affiliated university, has fully submitted to sharia. Under the guise of […]

  7. Sarah says:

    From the United Methodist Principles:

    Rights of Religious Minorities…
    Religious persecution has been common in the history of civilization. We urge policies and practices that ensure the right of every religious group to exercise its faith free from legal, political, or economic restrictions

    • Learn Some Manners says:

      Hello, no one is being persecuted for their religion or being prevented from practicing it here.

      Also from the Principles:

      The Political Community
      We hold governments responsible for the protection of people’s basic freedoms. We believe that neither church nor state should attempt to dominate the other.

      Take note of the last sentence, if nothing else!

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks, “Learn some manners”, my response was in support of the prayer room, and directed at the commentors freaking out about a Methodist university allowing another faith to be practiced. Wesleyan is proudly upholding the faith principles of the Methodist church, and I am grateful.

        • Ted I Lewis says:

          Sarah, it is plan to see, the devil has had his way with you. for this i am sorry. And will pray you can come back to the God of the Bible. To let a group of people, that their ONLY task in life, is to make the whole earth muslim, is very dumb. The devil has clouded your eyes. And darkened your heart. Want to prove me wrong? Go to any muslim place of worship. Carry your Bible. And talk about the one true GOD! The God of the bible. See what happens. Try it!!! Prove me wrong! The fact is? YOU CAN’T!!! As Always. ” I live my life. That when my feet hit the floor in the morning. The devil and muslims say, ” OH CRAP!!! HE IS AWAKE!!!”

      • Ted I Lewis says:

        But muslims want and have been trying for 1000′s of years to kill every person that is not a believer in islam! The BIG LIES? The koran teaches love and peace. And muslims are our brothers. LIES LIES LIES!!!!!!

  8. McKenzie Brown says:

    I could not be prouder of my university having a prayer room to accommodate my fellow students.

    Giving students a place to nurture their spirituality is hospitable and loving–two key components of the Christian faith.

    What isn’t Christian is condemning other faiths, speaking from hate, and passing judgment. As a student of religion, and a candidate for ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church I can confidently say that demeaning another faith is neither righteous nor commendable.

    I’m embarrassed by this display of hate.

    • warren raymond says:

      There is no spirituality in Islam, you fool.

      The only love in Islam is for jihad, you fool.

      United Methodist Church is a ship of fools.

      To stand against Islam is not ‘hate’, its love for our culture and civilisation. It is our sacred duty to defend it against those who would replace it with a 7th century blood cult.

      You are the embarrassment here.

    • Ted I Lewis says:

      YES ! YES ! YES !!!! BY all means, bend over to the killers of Christians! Jump on their “PITY US!” band wagon! You are no more a Christian then obama! And YOU WILL LIVE UNDER sharia law and islam! I will pray that you come to see what muslims are really doing. Want proof of what muslims are doing today. Not just in other countries. But here in the United states? Please go to, the voice of the or if you feel brave enough to learn the truth? And read what GOD said about other religions! He tells us who he feels about them! READ!!!!

    • tommy says:

      You a student of religion….rofl…wise up and start to learn what islam actually is …murdering non muslims every day in keeping with the example set by their satanic muhammed who authorised thieving,rape,torture,lying and murder
      You disgust me with your ignorance

    • Ken Olson says:

      It is admirable to be tolerant of all religions but Islam is not so much a “religion” as a way of life. It is totally intolerant of any other “religion”. This is especially evident in countries where the Muslim population exceeds 50%. Please read Robert Spencer and Brigitte Gabrielle. They are painfully accurate in their observance of Stealth Jihad in America.

  9. C H Ingoldby says:

    In what way is a Muslim prayer room in anyway ‘Interfaith’?

    I somehow doubt that any non-Muslims will be able to use it.

  10. john humphrey says:

    Tolerance is a fundamental virtue in Christianity. To add my humble opinion, I say we should simply live and let live and am curious why one small prayer room is such big deal anyway.

    • Ted I Lewis says:

      Day after day, all over our country, muslims play the PITTY US game. They say Americans don’t like them or won’t let them practice their faith. And we bend over and let them have their way! Why? Why should we act like they are better then anyone? They are forcing islam and sheria law on all christians! read the koran! It is a instruction book on how to treat christians. And i don’t think rape(boys and girls), beating, taxes and even killing are the Godly thing to do! Do you? But it is told in the koran. That is what they are to do! NO!!!! They have NO RIGHT to special treatment! Wake up! Your Bible tells us, muslims will try to take over our country and then the rest of the world! READ FOOLS! Don’t let them take one more thing. Don’t bend over any more!

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