Cynthia Marshall

Balancing classes and a sport is a difficult task for several students at Texas Wesleyan.

Practices, games, trips, homework, and student life are a heavy load. It may seem like it would be impossible to carry on this busy student lifestyle while mothering a baby, but Takoia Larry is successfully handling all three aspects of her life and thriving as a Lady Ram basketball player. Larry is 5-9 and plays guard on the Wesleyan women’s basketball team. She is a senior majoring in mass communication.

“It feels great to know that after having a baby a year ago,” she said. “I still have everything it takes to play basketball after sitting out for a year.”

Last February, Larry was injured and put into a boot and crutches, forcing her to halt her basketball career once again but she stayed active and diligent in her hopes of playing again.

“I worked hard and stayed in the gym,” she said. “I would have practice from 1-3 each day, and I would go to the gym again by myself and sometimes with other teammates along with guys off the men’s team so that I could get better”

She later recovered from her injury and is now a leading player again, juggling school work and her 1-year-old son. These aspects have not set her back as a player, though. She recently was named the Lady Rams’ first Sooner Athletic Conference Woman’s Basketball Player of the Week and then won Player of the Week Two from SAC for Nov. 14-20 games.

“To gain the title of player of the week, it takes dedication and time,” she said.

Larry also enjoys writing and has big plans for her future.

“With my degree, I first plan to go overseas and fall back on my degree in radio and broadcasting,” she said.

Larry has been a great solid to the Wesleyan team as the leading scorer and has managed to carry several responsibilities successfully with the help of her teammates.

“It means a lot to me to be able to say I am the leading scorer of my team,” she said. “My team as well as my coach (Bill Franey) has helped me this far because without my team I wouldn’t be able to score. There’s no I in TEAM, and with that being said, my team is the reason why I was able to become the leading scorer.”

After helping the team get off to a 3-2 start and having a career night against Wiley, she also is No. 6 nationally in individual scoring.

Takoia Larry next has an opportunity to keep the Lady Rams on the winning track at Tarleton State on Wednesday, Nov. 26, at 7 p.m.

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