ManIMG_2734y things have changed this semester at Texas Wesleyan starting with the new smoking policy implemented in 2013.  Joe A. Brown, dean of freshman success, had gathered students at Texas Wesleyan to clean up cigarette butts around campus in the beginning of the year. Last year there were more students who came to Wesleyan who smoked, and some international students did not the litter rules, which is understandable. Brown had asked the Saudi Students Club and others if they could volunteer and pick up cigarette butts with gloves and buckets. If you walk around campus, you can see plastic bags that hold the cigarette butts to show what they picked up off the ground and floors. After the cleanup the school even got more ash trays last spring for the campus, so students could use them. “We picked up about five five-gallon orange Home Depot buckets of cigarette butts that day,” Brown said. When students come to Texas Wesleyan, there are cultural differences, but after the cleanup students were able to monitor themselves to make sure that they are doing their part to keep the university clean. In an earlier edition of The Rambler, staff member Erica Estrada mentioned that she was amazed when her friend held on to a cigarette butt. “I hold onto my cigarettes because I don’t like adding to the litter,” said Estrada’s friend. Now that Brown has helped the students understand the cultural aspect of cleaning up the butts, has it changed? “I feel it (cigarette litter) has gotten better,” said senior business major Murtadha Alkhabaz.When the new smoking policies came to a change, so did the system of fines.If you have friends coming to Texas Wesleyan next semester, be sure to show them the designated smoking areas by downloading a map at Don’t mess with Texas, and clean up those cigarette butts.