On Tuesday, Oct. 14, the Student Government Association released a petition to improve all the cracked and uneven sidewalks of Wesleyan. Some students have been signing the petition in hopes of approval from administration.

  Hafidh Alghussein, junior school of business representative, has a positive attitude about repairing the sidewalks and making progress and is happy for the students’ optimistic concerns.

  “Right now we’re just focusing on getting the signatures of the petitions,”Alghussein said. “The main reason is to serve the students and a lot of students ask to repair the sidewalks.” According to Alghussein, the length of the project is to be announced once the petition has been approved.

  Kelsi Holland, president of the Student Government Association and senior sociology major, has major concerns and positive outlooks to make progress on the sidewalks to prevent injuries, since there have been previous injuries to Wesleyan students. Holland said she is pleased that the majority of the student body has the same concerns and wants to make a difference.

  “The plan is to get the number of student body who are interested in improving the sidewalks,” Holland said. “We have a cover sheet that explains to them what we’re trying to do and what the petition actually means. The whole point of the petition is to get signatures, basically showing evidence to administration that this is what we’re wanting to fix: the sidewalks or whatever issue it is.”

Holland continues to express high hopes of the outcome in proving to administration that students want to fix the sidewalksand are willing to do what it takes to make a difference within the Wesleyan  campus.

“We can’t fix everything at one time, but we can at least make progress on fixing those problem areas that we’re having so many incidents where students are getting injured at times,” Holland said. “We want to prevent those injuries as much as possible and make sure it’s a safe campus as part of risk assessment, whether it be just be sidewalks or your general community surrounding.”