After several months of discussion and planning, the Rosedale Renaissance Project on East Rosedale Street is on schedule and on budget. The remainder of the goal prior to Oct. 1 has been met along with the Mabee Foundation’s challenge grant of $500,000.

Rosedale Renaissance, a major $6.5 million construction project on East Rosedale along with improvements of Texas Wesleyan University, aims to transform the Polytechnic Heights neighborhood.

There are four main components of the project include a Sustainable Development Project- East Rosedale Street improvements, Central Texas Conference Service Center, a “Front Door” entryway to Texas Wesleyan, and a Polytechnic Firehouse for the Business Incubator Center.

The $1.8 million Sustainable Development Project will enhance East Rosedale Street and will add pedestrian-friendly crosswalks, sidewalks, streetlights, and other types of development. The $3 million Central Texas Conference Service Center will be a 15,000- square-foot office building house for Mission Support, the Center for Evangelism and Church Growth, the Center for Leadership, and the Office at the Bishop. The $1.3 million “Front Door” entryway will provide a clear direction for visitors and students at the intersection of East Rosedale and Vaughn streets including a clock tower. The $400,000 Business Incubator Center will have two floors according to Deborah Roark, Director of Grants and Research. The first floor will assist Wesleyan students in advising for hands on experience and the second floor will assist students in research.

“It’s a win-win situation for us to support the community but also supporting our students in their growth and knowledge when it comes to the business traits,” said Roark.

According to Steve Roberts, Associate Vice President Administrative Services and Human Resources, the project will begin mobilization around November and December of 2013. Each component of the project will be worked on simultaneously. Roberts stated the entrance is estimated to take 6 months whereas the other three components of the four are estimated to take 10 to 12 months to complete by the end of 2014.

There will be a groundbreaking ceremony in Fall 2013 for the start of the first phase of the East Rosedale Street Improvements Project.

Texas Wesleyan President, Frederick Slabach, said the Dillow House will have no effect on the construction schedule or design of the Rosedale Renaissance project. Construction will also not have any effect on student recruitment. Potential students and families are aware of the construction on East Rosedale. During campus tours, potential students are explained the process of the Rosedale Renaissance project and are very excited about it according to President Slabach.

“It’s a very positive development in terms of student recruitment,” said Slabach.

Plans for the retail store front businesses on East Rosedale beside Subway and Texas Wesleyan bookstore are hopes to be student oriented said Slabach.

Slabach is very excited about the project and said the construction is a sign of progress and transformation within a year.

“The combination of those projects is going to completely transform this neighborhood,” said Slabach. “The perception of this neighborhood will be one of revitalization and that’s a very positive thing.”