With upcoming construction on the Rosedale Renaissance project, many students and faculty of the Wesleyan community are looking forward to the improvements on the sidewalks on Rosedale Street.

However, what students have also been looking forward to is not only the sidewalks outside of campus, but inside the campus as well.

I have heard numerous complaints about people tripping and hurting themselves. I myself have caught myself tripping plenty of times while walking to class, even when I was being carefully aware with where I was stepping. The sidewalks on campus I have heard with the most complaints are the ones in between Elizabeth Hall and Stella Russell Hall where the trees are at behind Dora’s Cafe. It is mainly a dirt trail with little sidewalk pavement to walk on. As students, we cannot just walk on the road where the drivers drive. Thus, it is out of our way to walk to Wesleyan Street if students happen to be around the residence area. To add, it also gives the campus a poor appearance which is not a good look for incoming students walking around and touring the campus.

When it rains, the sidewalks in front of OC Armstrong Hall have been a problem since I first attended Wesleyan as a freshman. Regardless if we wear rain boots or not, the puddles and cracks are deep. As a result, our feet and ankles get soaked if we try to hop over the sidewalk cracks or get muddy if we walk around the sidewalk pavement. If we were to walk to the other side of campus to get to our designation, we would be soaked in the rain regardless. Therefore, overall it is a major inconvenience for students.

I can only hope the sidewalk petition will catch attention to administration so there can be future changes to the sidewalks. Such changes would help protect students from getting injured and to further improve the look of Wesleyan.