After my class, I was talking to two of my friends who are smokers. As my friend finishes her cigarette, she puts it out on the ground then holds onto it. I must have given a look of confusion or shock because my friend said, “I hold onto my cigarettes because I don’t like adding to the litter.”

She pointed to the litter of cigarette butts and continued, “Look at that. That’s terrible and it’s worse at Stella.” As we walked to the Library, my friends disposed of the butts at the nearest trash can on the way.

I think: how simple is that? To just patiently hold onto a cigarette butt until walking to the nearest trash can while on the way to the car or class. Texas Wesleyan would have a much neater appearance if other students took the responsibility of cleaning up after themselves.

We are all adults, one would expect such adults would clean up after themselves on campus. It’s a shame.

I do not mind the smoking on campus. What I do mind is the littering. I think there are many ways to prevent such a dilemma. The main concern I have witnessed on campus is that the campus as a whole worries too much about the littering.

It would be nice if the campus had concerns on students’ financial health and the mental stress that can possibly link to student’s performance in school. I have seen students get up in the middle of class or the middle of the night on campus to smoke. Perhaps a presentation on the health risks of smoking, ways to break the nicotine addiction and other ways to deal with stress without smoking can help benefit students.

The attention should not solely be about the littering on campus but concerns on students themselves as well.