Let me start by saying that I am all for equality.

I am a civil rights champion. I openly advocate for equal pay, racial equality and fair treatment for all. Keep that in mind.

Iowa has recently granted concealed and carry rights to the…blind. Yes, you heard me. Blind people are allowed to conceal and carry firearms in Iowa. How is this even possible?

And by that I mean, why are we even having this conversation? Are we really that stupid that we have to justify something this ridiculous by evoking anti-discrimination here?

Again, I’m all for equal rights, but this is an instance where I fully support discrimination. I mean, seriously! What are my fellow Iowa brothers and sisters thinking? The funniest part about this is that Iowa declares that denying blind people concealed and carry permits violates the Americans with Disabilities Act. While this may be true, I have to say that anyone with grey matter between his or her ears has to understand the safety issues here.

Should we keep with this interpretation of the ADA, then why stop at concealed and carry? Why not start issuing drivers’ licenses? Hell, why stop at driving? Let’s get them flying airplanes, too. That’s what I want…a blind cabbie. At least then the driver will have a valid excuse as to his poor driving.

In all seriousness, Iowa: what the double hockey sticks are you thinking?

Issuing concealed and carry permits to the blind is not only silly, it’s absolutely unacceptable and atrocious.

Take my advice on this issue, and, please, discriminate away here.