Dakota Baggett


courtesy of  http://animalify.com/

courtesy of http://animalify.com/

The holidays… what can I say about the holidays?

Well, for me the Holidays have always been a bit weird, and this year will be no exception.

This is attributed to the fact that I have an odd mix of people in my family, and everybody has their own little beef with someone else, but for the holidays we call it all off and put on a smile for the camera. For me the holidays are filled with long periods of boredom, broken up by short moments of intense excitement.

It’s really hard to get through it sober – especially when everyone runs out of things to talk about after a couple of hours of being there, or everyone is talking about sports, and I could give two shits about sports. At first I’ll try to stay in on the conversation but I usually give up after I use up the three little tidbits of random football knowledge I have picked up over the year.

My Thanksgivings usually played out like this: we would go visit out family that lived out in Corsicana, and I got to see the side of my family that I don’t talk to, or really know anything about. Then after dinner, and the football game that I never watched, we would drive back into town to see the family that I am close to.

I grew up with a cousin that was my age and two older cousins; all three of them are brothers. Most of the time the football was out and flying through the air long before I arrived. As soon as I jumped out of the car the game was on. Always the same teams; I with the oldest, and the median ages stuck together. I really don’t remember who won these little scrimmages; mainly because it would always turn into a duke out session between me and my closest cousin.

Christmas…there was no football, just a fist fight.

As we got older and stopped fighting we came to realize that the boxing match was usually instigated for the entertainment of our older teammates.

We “kids” as we have always been called. We always had our little traditions, but as we got older we stopped fighting, and started being the jokers, so in the recent years the tradition has been us seeing who could make the most vulgar jokes throughout the night. The winner was judged based on: how hard we made each other laugh, and how pissed off we could make the older folks.

Now we are all a bit older and things are starting to change I can see. Old traditions are fading, but what are we going to do next?

The thing that will stay the same is the drama, but I know one thing will be different this year. I will have alcohol.