Austin Iba

After everyone comes back from Thanksgiving break, Texas Wesleyan Homecoming will be right around the corner.

The Wesleyan Homecoming is an event for current students and alumni to visit the school and see a basketball game. Homecoming at Wesleyan is really a “home-coming.” It is a great chance for students and past alumni to visit the school.

“It is collaboration from alumni relations, student life, resident life, and athletics,” said Gina Philips, director of Development and Alumni Relations

It makes graduated students remember how great Wesleyan was and makes them want to come back and make donations to the school. There is also a week full of events on Homecoming. One of the most popular is the students vs. faculty in a basketball game.

There even is an annual Homecoming King and Queen.

Last year’s Queen, Samantha Max, expressed how she felt about being named Homecoming Queen.

“It was amazing,” she said. “I didn’t expect it. I love Wesleyan. and it was very nice to represent them.”

On Homecoming night alumni and current students visit friends and see a basketball game because basketball is the game in season during these events.

“Everyone can come out and have fun, enjoy the food, the game, and the activities,” Phillips said, “It is a great time to bring their families and their kids.”

Some of the family-friendly activities are face painting, a bounce house, free T-shirts, and free food.  Wesleyan’s annual Homecoming is a memorable event scheduled for a date to be determined in February 2014 with details on the alumni association’s web pages – or by calling 817-531-4404.